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Background & Business Environment

Levland Ltd is a family business, based in Leigh, Greater Manchester, created in 2004 by Simon and Helen McFarland (husband & wife), following Simon’s ambition to create a business which could tailor technology to meet people’s needs & wants.

Starting out as a new business in 2004, we focused on all things electrical, with domestic electrical work taking centre stage, followed by schools and commercial installations slightly later.  We have employed and trained several electrical apprentices over the years and later specialised towards the assistive technology sector as integration has become more possible. 

Over the years, our business has evolved to provide a wide range of products and services, utilising our electrical expertise and research.  We aim much of our efforts to provide high technology solutions to form real smart homes which use human interaction and automation to actively control the environment to meet our users’ needs.

We specialise in using our knowledge and skills to provide assistive technology for persons with disabilities, their family and care teams in many day-to-day activities.  We use much of the same control technology whether we integrate for disability assistance or high-end smart homes. 

Given where technological advancement has brought us to date, this finally removes many of the traditional barriers and limitations that persons with disabilities have often faced with technology of the past, allowing them to now take control of things that just haven’t been possible (or reliable) previously.

The control of our immediate environment through technology is an ever-changing marketplace, but one which is fraught with incompatibilities and complexity.  It is this overall design and view that we stay focused on, to ensure the various technologies work together as intended and don’t end up being isolated or as Helen would call it “half a job!”. 

We pride ourselves in our success and have learned from experience, good and bad, to create a business that has not been rushed in its progress.  We have walked before we can run and are always taking new steps. 

We are happy to try to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us!

Our Vision

Our aim is to offer a modern and reliable way for people to control and integrate their homes and everyday environment.  We tackle the more involved jobs, so don’t really get into gadgets and consumer products as there are plenty of different products out there for various tasks.  But if you want to bring it all together and get your environment working for you, that’s where we shine!

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves in being real everyday people, fun loving and inclusive.  We enjoy seeing the result of our work helping others achieve a level of independence in doing what we might take for granted, whether that be switching on a bedside lamp or playing the biggest loudest cinema movie you can think of!  We are not afraid to spend time with our customers to show them how to use their new tech and have some fun along the way!  Our care, knowledge and experience will give you confidence that we can provide Assistive Technology to suit your requirements. 

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