wi-fi & networking

Wi-Fi & Networking

With the ever-increasing demand for a reliable wired and wireless I.T. network, consideration should be given to the installation and provision of wired RJ45 socket data outlets and a robust and well covered Wi-Fi network throughout the property.  Many of the technologies used everyday by us all and the equipment we supply and install requires a robust network behind it to ensure reliable operation. 

We design, supply and install data network systems comprising of wired data points and robust Wi-Fi coverage, including outdoor areas where required, to form the backbone for many of the technologies in our projects.  We provide professional data cabinets, wall mounted or free-standing, to house the network equipment.  The same data cabinets are often used to house other items in our projects (CCTV recorders, interface hubs, customers router, AV equipment etc) and become the hub of the system.

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Maintenance and Longevity

Our network systems need to run (like many of our systems) 24/7 and usually they are “invisible” until something goes wrong (like the internet has failed) and then we realise just how important they have been!  We design our systems to provide many years of trouble-free service, but they require some routine updates of firmware to remain secure and reliable.  We can do this remotely in most cases without travelling to site, but we include for this in our maintenance package. 

Being a modular style of system, components are upgradeable and replaceable should this be necessary, further extending a systems lifespan.

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