customised app control

Customised App Controls

Our customised app system is a “front end” package designed to bring together control of the various technologies we offer.  It offers the following:

  • All your technologies controlled from one app
  • A consistent interface (look and feel) for all technologies
  • Can be installed on more than one device (smartphone, tablet, Windows PC)
  • Can be used by more than one person at the same time on different tablets
  • Can be expanded to have handheld “remote control” style handsets
  • Is compatible to work on a Windows PC and can be controlled by existing “Switch” and “Eye-Gaze” inputs
  • Can be used locally at home and remotely when away from home
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home integration

We can control automated doors (external & internal), automated gates, automated blinds & curtains, automated windows, automated lights, integrated heating systems, music systems, TV/Sky/DVD/Blu-ray, cinema & projector systems.

Notable requirements:

  • This system requires a robust network system to be in place (wired and Wi-Fi)
  • The controlled items will require installation and setup in readiness to be added onto this platform
  • A broadband connection to the network is required
  • Some services require customer account activation and payment (e.g., Spotify, Sky, etc)
  • Some functions require annual subscription to a cloud service account (e.g., intercom linkage into CCTV system for activity-based control, such as ANPR opening gates and linking to TV to display camera)

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Maintenance and Longevity

Our control systems are designed to provide many years of reliable service.  We use commercial grade equipment, based on the highly acclaimed Elan platform.

This is a “high technology” product and will inherently have to keep pace with any change in its connected technologies.  So, a change in one part of the system can affect the function of another part.  We aim to reduce this by our design, but a manufacturers’ change to their product might, for example, create the need for us to update, reprogram or change parts of the control system to keep things working.  Sometimes this is beyond our immediate control as we co-exist in an ever-connected world of technology!

Being a modular style of system, components are upgradeable and replaceable should this be necessary, further extending a systems lifespan.

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