blinds & curtains automation

Blinds Automation

Our automated blinds can be manufactured to meet most requirements, to fit inside or over a door/window reveal, or even on an automated door frame.  Roller is most popular, but Roman, Vertical and Venetian styles can also be automated (not for doors). Header cassettes and side channels can be added to our roller range to provide blackout solutions and to limit the blind fabric from flapping in the wind when fitted to our automated doors, as this can would trigger safety sensors.  Many different colours and opacities are available to provide the amount of shading required.

Motors are powered by mains 230V, ELV 24V or rechargeable battery to suit the installation conditions.  There are MIMIMUM widths to which we can construct automated blinds, so they are not aways a solution for narrow applications.

Activation can be from wall mounted switches, remote controls, or custom-built App.

Curtain Automation

We can supply and install automated curtain tracks in different formats to suit your requirements.  We do not supply curtains, but we do have contacts for manufacturers.

Curtain tracks can be fixed to the underside of a ceiling or on the wall over the window reveal.  Tracks can be made straight or curved to fit a bay window for example.  A single curtain or pair of curtains can be hung from the track which can gather to one side or both.  Often, curtains are complemented by automated blinds to provide a layered window dressing to provide shading or blackout from the sun.

Activation can be from wall mounted switches, remote controls, or custom-built App.

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Blind & Curtain Automation Safety

Our blind and curtain motors use Somfy controls and are CE tested and marked.  Curtain & blinds motors are programmed to travel open or closed and then stop automatically.  There is little risk of injury due to their motion, but of course things can get tangled or caught up in them if sufficient space is not maintained around them.  If the door or window is also an escape route, it is more important to ensure a curtain or blind would not prevent (or significantly impede escape).  All motors are fitted with force limitation to ensure they will stop if an entanglement occurs.

Maintenance and Longevity

Motors are normally a sealed, non-serviceable unit.  The only checks to perform are cable condition, function, performance and that they are still fixed securely.  Battery packs will require charging once every year, depending on frequency of use, and this is normally done as part of our maintenance regime.  The units are designed to offer many years of trouble-free service.

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