lighting & Heating controls

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls can be simple switches through to a whole-house integrated system.  Ranging from simplest to most complex we can switch, dim & control:

  • Single lights (lamp, luminaire, floodlight etc)
  • Single circuits (centre pendant, group of downlights etc)
  • Groups of different circuits/luminaires in a room or whole house (creating scenes)
  • Control of colour changing LED (standalone or integrated with other circuits)

Control methods include PIR/microwave occupancy sensors (ceiling/wall mount), wall switch, timed or scheduled, light level, App control (standalone or advanced integrated control system). 

We design, build and install our own lighting control panels liaising with your electrical contractor for cable and luminaire installation.  We program and commission our systems ready for use.

Heating Controls

Heating control can be built into our customised App control system.  We do not install the actual heating system, but liaise with your HVAC contractor to ensure compatibility between the systems.  Note, for this reason, retro-fitting a heating control system to work with our App may not always be possible. 

Once integration has taken place, a room’s temperature and timed program can be changed via touchscreen on your phone/tablet.  Advanced features allow a user’s geo-location to change the heating levels – for example, when more than a mile away from home the heating could automatically reduce room temperatures and put them back to normal when on the approach back home.

However, it is important to note that underfloor heating systems take much longer to heat a room and might not be suited to some forms of control, when compared to a radiator system.

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Maintenance and Longevity

Our lighting control systems and panels are built to last for many years and provide 24/7 reliable operation.  We used wired connections and physical wall switch controls as standard, complementing the system with App control and other advanced features.  This philosophy ensures local control is available, even if an advanced feature (which may rely on an internet connection) has failed elsewhere.

Other than advanced feature updates or changes, a wired modular lighting control system is generally maintenance free, and being a modular style of system, components are upgradeable and replaceable should this be necessary, further extending a systems lifespan.

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