window automation

Window Automation

We automate new external window units, working with the window manufacturer to incorporate the wiring (where possible) and for them to not fit manual handles (thus altering the machining of the frames and lock keeps).

Our portfolio includes aluminium and timber windows – preferring these for their strength and durability for fixing a motor on to.  Retrofitting is possible in some cases for timber framed units, whereas aluminium often leaves visible holes where the handles used to be.  We do not recommend fitting motorisation to UPVC window units (unless strengthened) as the fixings for the motor are not as strong in a standard frame.  This may also affect the level of insurance cover under some insurance policies and may require additional manual locks to be fitted for additional security.

Activation can be from wall mounted switches, remote controls, or custom-built App.

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Window Automation Safety

All the window motors we use are CE tested and marked.  Various types of actuators are available, such as chain, piston or articulated arm and are rated for different sizes, opening methods and weights of windows.  Normally, the extent of opening is limited to a maximum travel (adjustable up to around 400mm) so CAN NOT BE USED ON EMERGENCY ESCAPE WINDOWS.  It will stop automatically at full travel and on closing.  There is NO active safety monitoring to prevent motion, so if there is an obstacle, curtain or dressing in the path of the window, it will get trapped.  Force limitation is present on the device to prevent crushing of a finger or hand, but pinching can occur and vary with the rating of the motor.  Systems must be supervised when in use and young or inexperienced persons should be kept away from the unit when in operation and/or measures taken to prevent misuse.

Maintenance and Longevity

Window motors are normally a sealed, non-serviceable unit.  The only checks to perform are of cable condition, function, performance and that the anchor and hinge points are secure.  The units are designed to offer many years or trouble-free service.

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