let's meet danny...

Danny Newell - AKA "Direct Danny"

assistive technology engineer

Meet Daniel Newell, the newest member of our team here at Levland Ltd. Danny re-joined us in September 2023 after spending six years in Australia.

Danny started his career with Levland Ltd as a young apprentice electrician, gaining his City & Guilds NVQ level 3 in electrical installations, and continued as a full-time employed electrician with us afterwards. Later, working as a self-employed electrician for nearly 3 years, he emigrated to Australia, with exploration and travel featuring high on his agenda. He has worked in the air conditioning industry and in a maintenance management role during his time down under.

Recently, he decided to trade in his jet ski for a guitar and return to the UK to pursue his passion for electrical and technology installation. Although we think he’s forgotten how wet it is over here, he’s excited to be back and is looking forward to a cool down!

Danny has a great sense of humour and a straight-to-the-point attitude, which earned him the nickname ‘Direct Danny’. He likes to get things right first time and has a competitive spirit. He’s also a neat freak who likes everything in its place. When he’s not working, you can find him walking, camping, driving, playing guitar, or enjoying a pint at the pub!

He’s a big fan of rock music with ZZ Top and AC/DC amongst his favourite bands. And let’s not forget his favourite beverage – a cup of tea! He’s happiest when he’s got a cup of tea in one hand and a screwdriver in the other. His favourite tools are Fluke, and he doesn’t like his screwdrivers being used as a lever. He will tell anybody off if they misuse it.

As an Assistive Technology Engineer, Danny’s role is to design, install, and test all areas of technology described here on our website. It brings elements of the “tried and tested” and elements of the “not tried, not tested”. Needless to say this can be a challenging role to keep up with.

Although Danny has a bit of a reputation for the occasional moan, he’s a great team player and always gets the job done! His satisfaction comes from handing over to his customers a high quality job with a smile!

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