let's meet simon...

Simon McFarland - AKA "Wiki Si"


Simon is our Levland Ltd founder and guru of all things tech. He formed Levland Ltd with Helen in 2004 as an electrical contracting company. He is a qualified electrician with over 30 years of experience and has a vast knowledge of all things with cables! He started his career as an electrical apprentice with ICI Chemicals & Polymers and later worked for Calor Gas Ltd, progressing to an Operations Manager. His skills range from hands-on tools and engineering through to management. His technical knowledge gives him the ability to figure out which tech goes with what, and match the best products to our customers’ needs – oh, and to manage the company!

He is a bit of a chatterbox, so don’t get him on his favorite subjects if you have to rush away somewhere! His favorite chats are tech (obviously), cups of tea, cakes, and roller coasters.

His attention to detail is off the scale and going that extra mile for customers can be a problem – he even sold his (newly installed) bathroom LED lamps from his own house to help a customer with a deadline to finish their project off, so Helen was literally in the dark for a few days. Helen was not a happy bunny, but the customer was!

He loves to sing, so we’ve had to give him singing credits to save our ears! Sam and Danny issue these singing credits in very small amounts, and if Simon is out with them in the van, they’ve pretty much banned all singing credits along with Simon’s favorite group, ABBA!

Simon takes his role of steering the Levland ship very seriously, and is a big advocate of investing in people, creating an atmosphere of learning, fun and professionalism – and knows they can all go together! The team do, occasionally, wonder what he’s dreamed up for them next, but his plans always seem to come together, and if there’s anything that doesn’t, he calls it “a learning curve”!

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